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Speech & Drama and Educational Enrichment

Ellendel is an exciting school that delivers bespoke extra-curricular classes both physically and online.

Education at Ellendel is rich in possibility and opportunity. Our aim is to enrich the lives of our students to help them achieve their full potential, embrace their individuality and develop their own interests.

Creative, passionate, articulate, confident, open-minded, empathetic and resilient are some of the characteristics that define Ellendel students.

We offer a bespoke programme of study that is regularly updated to ensure our young people leave Ellendel equipped with the skills they need for life. Not only do we want our students to be confident and articulate communicators, we also want them to develop an appreciation for literature, to be able to think creatively and express themselves freely. Our lessons develop the higher-level cognitive skill areas of Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Cultural Intelligence/Global Awareness, as well as social emotional skill areas such as Self-Awareness, Empathy, Relationship skills, Self-Regulation and Decision making. 

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The Ellendel School offers classes in Speech and Drama, Enrichment, English Tuition and Holiday Workshops.

We provide online tuition for students located anywhere in the world. We have physical classes across South London.

Ellendel School provides an outstanding, fresh, forward-thinking education for 21st century students.

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“If You Hear a Voice Within you say ‘ You cannot Paint’, Then by all means Paint,
and that Voice will be Silenced.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

South London’s leading independent school for extra-curricular classes


Nov 11, 2021

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Speech and Drama and English Tuition

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    "Our son has been attending Ellendel for over a year now. He loves them, they are encouraging, friendly & have done wonders to his confidence. We would definitely recommend them. "


    Liz Anderson

    Fun and Life Skills
    "We've been really happy with M's progress at Ellendel. She has become such a confident speaker: solo in exams, with friends and family or in front of an audience of unknown people. It's such an important skill to have as you progress through life and Ellendel has equipped her well. Whilst taking LAMDA exams is useful as an indicator of progress; the weekly lessons practise discussion, role play, pronunciation and the atmosphere is always friendly and fun. "

    Liz A

    Lorraine Wilson-Cousins

    "My daughter has been with Ellendel over 5 yrs, she will be 17 this year and still enjoy her sessions and LAMDA exams. She looks forward to doing her exams, that’s all because of the Laura’s full attention and support is given. Once, my daughter enjoys it, I’m very happy! Thank you Laura’s "

    Lorraine Wilson-Cousins


    Brilliant !!
    "My both daughters enjoy The Ellendel classes very much. They both always look forward to the classes. My older one was very shy and quiet in the beginning. Laura and Laura have always encouraged her and we can see how her confidence has grown now. She is always ready to participate in various activities. My younger one has joined the classes recently and she is already loving them. We highly recommend these classes. Thank you. "


    Michelle Francis

    Inspiring speech and drama lessons
    "Ellendale provide high quality speech and drama tuition. Laura is attentive and inspires the children to use their imagination and develop their communication skills. "

    Michelle Francis


    Makes a huge difference in confidence!
    "Our son has been doing these classes for a few years now and these have made a huge difference! He is not very outgoing but tremendously enjoys the classes and look forward to classes every week. Both Laura, through their enthusiasm and their attention to individual children are helping them gain confidence and become better communicators! Thank you both. "