Which extracurricular clubs that focus on oracy skills is your child part of?

Oracy: an essential life skill. Good oracy and confidence go together. We truly believe it is critical to build confidence in our next generation.

At Ellendel, we provide authentic opportunities for our students to demonstrate knowledge and oracy skills.  Oracy skills taught at Ellendel include: reasoning and evidence; listening and response and expression and delivery.

Why oracy matters

In today’s competitive world, employers now rate communication skills as their highest priority, even above qualifications. Therefore, the ability to express ideas is more important than ever before.

What are the benefits of teaching oracy?

The benefits of oracy skills boost social, emotional and interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, self-awareness and resilience. We equip all our students with the confidence to speak out in public and express their ideas. Studies have shown that belief in oneself enhances one’s sense of happiness and well-being.

The benefits of oracy – results from the Education Endowment Project

  • Children with good communication skills are four times more likely to get five A*-Cs at GCSE (Better Communication Research Programme)
  • High-quality spoken dialogue in primary classrooms can significantly improve children’s educational attainment, from improving SAT results in maths and science to improving reading, writing and reasoning skills (The Communication Trust)
  • Cognitively challenging classroom talk for children in Year 5 not only improves their language skills, but can also lead to gains equivalent to about two months’ additional progress in mathematics and science (Dialogic Teaching, Education Endowment Foundation)
  • Oracy improves literacy, including reading comprehension, spelling and writing (LKMco & Voice 21)
  • Spoken language plays a key role in cognitive development, helping children understand the world around them (LKMco & Voice 21)
  • 97% of teachers, 94% of employers and 88% of young people believe that life skills such as confidence, motivation, resilience and communication are as or more important than academic qualifications (Sutton Trust)
  • Evidence shows that oracy has a positive impact on academic and cognitive outcomes, self-esteem, well-being and mental health, social mobility, employability and civic engagement (Jay et al.; Hanley P, Slavin R and Elliot L; Nagda B and Gurin P)
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) which debate, public speaking and cultural exchange all foster, appear to be particularly beneficial for disadvantaged or low-attaining pupils

What our students say:

“Public Speaking at Ellendel has given me the confidence to not be afraid to voice my opinion in class. I also no longer feel embarrassed if I get something wrong. I am more accepting of feedback”

“At Ellendel, I get the opportunity to speak out about things which I am passionate. It gives me the chance to speak in front of others and also to listen to others deliver their speeches. We do not get enough opportunity like this in school.”

“I have grown so much in confidence since I started lessons at Ellendel. I am not as nervous about speaking in front of people and have learned how to effectively deliver a speech to different audiences”