The Bromley Festival of Speech and Drama

Students across the Borough of Bromley gathered at Babington House in Chistlehurst over two weekends in March to partake in The Bromley Festival of Speech and Drama. Both weekends were jam packed with enthusiasm and nerves as students took to the stage in front of parents, teachers, peers and the all-important panel of adjudicators.

Students at The Ellendel School of Speech and Drama spent weeks preparing for this festival and thoroughly enjoyed picking their pieces and working on them each week. Ellendel Students were entered for most of the classes: solo acting, verse speaking, reading aloud and public speaking. As always, we were immensely proud of all our students who got up and faced the daunting challenge of performing in front of a live audience. For many, this was their first time.

At Ellendel, we prepare for two speech and drama festivals per year in addition to LAMDA examinations. We find that these festivals offer a unique opportunity for students to experience performing in front of an audience and to receive expert advice and encouragement from experienced adjudicators. For many, this is the start of their journey in public speaking. Students get to choose which classes they perform in and many of our students perform in up to 3 classes. The feedback students receive is invaluable in helping them prepare for their LAMDA examinations in the summer term.

Performing in festivals not only encourages an appreciation of the arts, but also develops the communication and presentation skills so important in today’s world. It is a positive as well as an enjoyable experience for all involved – including parents.

There is lots to tell about the festivals;participating in them has increased my self-confidence by presenting my poem in front of a large audience.This helped to develop the ability and the skill to be able to focus and memorise. It has also helped me improve my pronunciation and using my voicecorrectly. Understanding this made me less nervous. My fluency and communication skill has also improvised.

At the festivals, I meet other children and get to see their performances. I gain knowledge by debating with them. We have lots of discussion, rehearsing before and after the performances and there is lots of appreciation and feedback when we present in the festivals.

Participation at the festival boosts our confidence levels. I have learnt time management skills because time-keeping is essential in speeches and plays.

I got a certificate at my last festival and I know I need to do more practice; I am enjoying going to LAMDA and I feel it uplifts me.

A student at Ellendel. Harsha, Year