Speech and Drama lessons at Ellendel for the Early Years

Laura McHale MA.Ed and Laura McLoughlin’s BA.Sc teaching experiences includes both primary and secondary schools in Ireland and the UK as well as international sectors. The Ellendel School of Speech and Drama was set up in 2016 and has now four schools across South London in addition to a newly added online class open to students across the UK and Ireland. As well as offering termly lessons, the founders of the school have facilitated early years’ storytelling, art and drama workshops during school holidays.

Teaching & Learning focus at Ellendel in 2019/20 was in the area of Drama and Early Childhood education. Research completed by both founders of Ellendel in the academic year 2019/20 looked at the role of drama in children’s play in the early years and its contribution to enhanced oral communication. We focused our Early Years’ curriculum on using the medium of drama to deliver top quality education.

Drama at Ellendel in the Early Years is planned to promote imagination, creativity and literacy including oracy. The power of drama to develop soft skills and emotional intelligence in young children is increasingly being recognised.

Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking
Body Language

Voice Development
Builds Confidence & Self Esteem
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Broadens the mind

  • The use of drama is effective in improving a child’s oral communication skills.
  • Students tend to develop dialogue when drama is used as pedagogy.
  • There is a clear improvement instudents’ engagement in school and a development of their self-confidence especially in engaging in
  • Drama allows students to develop their thoughts and ideas about different things.
  • Improvement in students’ emotional intelligence and intercultural awareness by the summer term.