LAMDA exams: the benefits and why we encourage

At Ellendel, LAMDA examinations are optional; however, we encourage our students to take them as we truly believe in the benefits. Studying for and taking a LAMDA examination helps to build a child’s confidence in public speaking and makes them more resilient.

Over the past three years, I have prepared nearly 100 students for LAMDA examinations in both Verse and Prose and Public Speaking. I have seen how inspired and empowered the exams have made these students. I have witnessed the enthusiasm and the joy felt by students who have worked towards taking them.

“No matter what the results,” I tell my students, “the fact you have put yourself forward in front of an examiner and presented your pieces, that is achievement enough.” Whether it be standing in front of one person in the LAMDA examination room, or in front of a room full of adults at a festival, many of our students do what many adults would be scared to do. As well as improving their confidence and self-belief, LAMDA examinations also improve a child’s ability to communicate effectively. Younger students improve their listening skills and conversational skills. A huge improvement in a student’s ability to read aloud and range of vocabulary is also noted by many of our parents. As a secondary school teacher of English, I know how important it is for students to be able to use a range of vocabulary in their writing, as well as being able to memorise and recall information. LAMDA examinations require students to learn pieces of verse and prose by heart and thus improving these key skills which are helpful in all other academic areas.