Why drama and the arts is so important for our young people

Drama classes are one of the most beneficial of extra-curricular clubs you could send your child to.
?What are the benefits of sending my child to a drama class? My child is shy and quite reserved ? they would never want to perform on stage in the West End, so what is the point? ?My child has no aspirations to become an actor/actress so drama is not an extra-curricular activity we are interested in.?
Drama classes are not exclusive to those who which to pursue a career in acting.
To quote Shakespeare, ?All the world?s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;?.At the Ellendel School of Speech and Drama we help students to shine, to fulfil their potential and decide how they want to perform on their stage.
Speech and Drama classes help students to grow in confidence; to work with others; to stand in front of an audience of strangers or of peers and confidently present themselves and their ideas. But Drama classes do so much more by developing the key life skills needed by our young people to succeed in life.
Students learn how to express themselves in different situations through our improvisation activities.
Students learn how to use their imagination and unlock their creativity in different ways.
They learn how to think on the spot. Students learn how to adapt to new environments and change.
Students interact socially with others outside of their friendship group in a new environment.
They learn empathy and understanding of differences through the various themes of literature studied. They become more resilient. Students continuously work on feedback they receive through LAMDA examinations and Festival feedback. They learn from their mistakes. They view feedback as constructive and positive.
Ellendel was set up three years ago and many of our first students are still with us today. We see the impact Speech and Drama classes have on our students and the growth of so many of our students from when they first started. LAMDA examinations help to recognise our students? potential and gives them something tangible to use in the future. However, the real award for us is not the Distinction Grade, it?s the confident and positive young people we teach and watch grow every week.
10 REASONS why arts and culture make a difference to young people?s lives: