Public Speaking

Speech and Drama classes will help your child feel more confident.

Our classes are fun, innovative and stimulating, allowing pupils to explore a wide range of theatre and literature. 

Speech and Drama with Public Speaking Classes

Students will explore the art of communication working through a variety of mediums. Voice production will be developed to enable ease of communication and clarity.

Body language, facial expression, eye contact, posture and gesture will be the focus of all units (poetry, prose, drama and speech) helping students to reflect on non-verbal communication and become confident communicators.

Students will improve their speech writing skills when preparing for Public Speaking where they will work on structure, language features and engagement with current societal themes and issues. Students will also improve their critical thinking skills and build their self- confidence through impromptu speaking.  

Classes arranged by age:

  • Seedlings: 4-7 Years Old
  • Shoots: 7-11 Years Old 
  • Sprouts: 11-18 Years Old

Ages 4-7 ? Seedlings

Ellendel Speech and Drama Lessons are focussed on your child?s development though drama, poetry and reading preparation.

  • Drama is used to develop creativity, confidence and self-esteem 
  • Help to develop reading fluency and build vocabulary 
  • Teach important communication skills, so students feel confident expressing their thoughts and feelings
  • Support students? language and social & emotional development
  • Teaches listening skills
  • Improves vocal articulation 
  • Improves Listening Skills
  • Shy children blossom and more outgoing children learn to focus their energy
  • LAMDA examinations in Communication

Ages 7-11 and 12-18

Lessons help to build confidence both in life and in front of an audience. Students learn to communicate with purpose and express their creativity

  • Focus on vocal articulation to improve fluency, pace, tonal variation, clarity of pronunciation and voice projection
  • Work on body language through communication: gesture, posture, facial expression and eye-contact
  • Public Speaking: help students to present their own speeches as well as crafting them. Students develop their linguistic skills to include the correct vocabulary choices, match it to the register, ensure the correct grammar and employ rhetorical devices in their speeches to engage an audience
  • Cognitive Skills are developed. Students learn to work collaboratively with others and interact effectively. They develop a confidence in speaking and conversing with others. Students develop their listening skills and become socially aware
  • Improvisation to help students confidently think on their own. Students become more independent and take ownership in their own learning
  • Students develop an appreciation for literature: poetry, drama and prose
  • LAMDA examinations in Verse and Prose, Public Speaking, Reading for Performance and Solo Acting

Private Speech Assessment £80:

These classes are made by appointment. We recommend this 1:1 private assessment for students with poor voice production and negligent pronunciation. Our Speech and Drama classes empower students of all ages to achieve natural and clear speech habits. We incorporate voice exercises and training in all our lessons; however, with our private Speech assessment we will create an individualised voice exercise guide to improve speech habits and address functional speech disorders. This is a good starting point for all student wishing to take up Speech and Drama lessons at Ellendel and will allow us to understand each student?s needs and challenges when it comes to voice production.

Common speech challenges we work on: 

  • The ?th?, ?s?, ?r?, and ?l? sounds 
  • Lip laziness 
  • Pace of speech 
  • Mumbling 
  • The omission of sounds 
  • Faulty tones such as excess nasality 
  • Improving voice projection 
  • Lack of non-verbal communication (eye contact, gesture and facial expression) 

LAMDA only tuition

LAMDA focused classes for students sitting the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in Public Speaking & Verse and Prose Exams.